Pre-selling the Spanish all-access library 2.0

Kick-start the learning!

In December of 2019 we piloted our first Spanish all-access library and it was a hit with teachers and parents alike. 

Then to support distance learning at the outset of COVID-19 we made that library free and have been working around the clock to get version 2.0 ready. 

We're close. . . 

That's why we're pre-selling access to the growing library starting today! While many of the printable lessons and resources are still being finalized, your (super discounted) subscription will get you access to:

  • 90+ downloadable MP3s of our learning songs & instrumentals (a $110 value)
  • 90+ ad-free music videos + karaoke versions to view and share online (a $250 value)
  • Printable lyrics in Spanish & English for all of the songs (a $45 value)
  • A searchable index of the library to find the perfect video for the topic you're teaching

No school? No problem.

Make distance learning something your kids can't wait to do!

We're here to help parents and teachers transform boring online learning into a musical adventure that keeps kids engaged, occupied, and learning! Hours of music, videos, activities, and fresh beats that will light up your kids and your life!
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What we're all about

A word from Basho

Available now

It's like a kickstarter campaign but better!

  • 90+ downloadable MP3s of our learning songs & instrumentals (a $110 value)

  • 90+ ad-free music videos + karaoke versions to view and share online (a $250 value)

  • Printable lyrics in Spanish & English for all of the songs

  • A searchable index of the library to find the perfect video for the topic you're teaching

All-access library includes

Here are some of the topics included with your subscription.

Wait, there's more?

Welcome to the crew!


    Not only will you get access to the 250+ musical learning resources, but your subscription gets more valuable with time as we continue to produce more content.


    Subscribers will have access to members-only surveys and sessions that we rely on when deciding what content to produce next. Your ideas could become new songs and videos!


    Subscribers receive special members-only discounts on merchandise, resources, and musical content to expand your wardrobe, your language skills, or your circle of friends.

What you get!

You're wondering how this will improve your life?

  • Peace of mind that your kids are safe as 100% of our content is not only crazy fun but also appropriate for all-ages

  • Confidence that your kids are learning as evidenced by their ability to sing to you in a new language within minutes

  • Proof that they're having fun as you watch them dance and sing along and choose us for their preferred screen-time activity

  • Valuable time previously spent finding, vetting, or policing content as we have everything you need in one place

  • With our resources you can spend your time enjoying and learning with your kids instead of managing them

Why I do this

About Basho

We all want our kids to thrive, but modern, digital life doesn't always make that easy. Between cringy YouTube videos and online games, we are in a battle for their minds. I know how it is. I have three kids of my own and I struggle with screen time taking over the mental space and emotions in my home as well. It’s hard to instill strong values and help them develop when they’re lost in someone else's antics or video game. That’s why I created BASHO & FRIENDS -- family-friendly, hip hop inspired music videos and resources that just happen to teach new languages. Rooted in my bilingual teaching experience, I have been serving teachers, schools, and families with fun, learning videos that have amassed over 80,000 subscribers and 35 million YouTube views worldwide. I'm honored and grateful to be working with all of you parents, teachers, and kids.

Basho Mosko

Teacher and YouTuber

Our Quality Guarantee

We care about your kids like our own

  • It will be fun

    If there's one thing that our tens of millions of viewers on YouTube all agree on - the music and the videos are fun for everyone!

  • It will be safe

    The internet can be a scary place to send your kids. All of our content is homegrown, wholesome, and safe for learners of any age.

  • Your kids will learn

    We dare you to spend 20 minutes with one of our music-based lessons and not learn some valuable vocabulary in a new language.

Annual subscription

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  • $249.00 / year

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  • $24.00 / month

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What parents and teachers are saying

“Dear Basho! We finished your whole video curriculum! Thank you, thank you so much for making your series free to our family during this time. My girls loved it. This was their first time ever studying a language and you did a fabulous job introducing it. I can't say thank you enough. They are so excited about everything they learned and want to continue learning. What should we do next? We consider you our Spanish teacher :) ”

Parent, Wisconsin

Jessica Beckerman

“I love Basho's videos because they are educational, fun, catchy, upbeat, and positive. The students always love listening to the songs because they're able to learn all the important basics of the Spanish language. They're always a fun addition to every lesson and it gets the kids up and moving which is super important in middle school. ”

MS Spanish teacher, Virginia

Cristina Keeton

“Our whole family enjoys listening to BASHO & FRIENDS. It’s something we can do together and I catch my son reciting lyrics all the time. He’s only 2 years old but every time one of Basho’s songs comes on, he proclaims “Basho!” like we’re on an episode of the game show “Name That Tune.” We can all sing along together and it’s refreshing to find some kids tunes that are educational AND adults can actually enjoy.”

Parent, California

Ryan Lapa

“My pre-school aged kids absolutely love Basho and Friends! They listen to both the English and Spanish CD on repeat in the car, and always request to watch videos and songs on his YouTube channel. I am amazed at how much foreign language they have picked up. They are so inquisitive at this age, it’s the perfect time to expose them to other languages. The songs are so catchy and fun, we sing them constantly in our “Casa Loca”!”

Parent, New Jersey

Kristen Minutoli

Coming soon. . .

Stuff being finalized


    We know there are many deserving kids that don't have adequate access to the internet, and many parents that would like for their kids to spend less time online rather than more. We're developing workbooks and offline resources to meet those demands.


    While Spanish is the second-most widely spoken language in the world, we love all languages equally and aim to be the most fun place to learn them all. Next up are French, Chinese, and English (late 2020 or early 2021) with others close behind. Subscriber input will influence what comes next!


    We're working on the design and flow to ensure our content is culturally responsive, simple, fun, and translateable for learners across the world. The work is non-trivial and we're making great progress. We will roll out the new designs iteratively as they're complete.

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